Success Stories

Proven by our partnerships.

The Holvan Group developed our medication library at the request of the nursing staff. On the very?first day medication videos were used, a patient notified her nurse about a serious allergy to medication after watching the video. Over the next few months, Sierra Vista went on to achieve?large increases in their medication education scores.

After an initial pilot project in Interventional Radiology at UCLA, the Holvan Group expanded into several other specialities and has co-developed videos with UCLA’s renowned?physicians. The Holvan Group’s cardiology, interventional neuroradiology and?neuroradiology libraries were first used at UCLA.

Emory University’s Interventional Radiology Department conducted a quality improvement project to measure the improvements in patient education with The Holvan Group’s?Interventional Radiology Video Library.
Read more about the project here.


?These videos set the standard for patient care in the hospital? It?s a single technology that has the potential to raise your staff and patient satisfaction as well as your surgical outcomes, all of which benefit hospital ratings and help patients take control of their health.?

Kim Brown Sims
Chief Nursing Officer
Sierra Vista Regional Med Center

?Procedures like this always invoke a fear of the unknown, but the videos relaxed me. I knew who my doctor was and what he was going to do to my body before I even talked with him.?

John Normanly, Patient

?I think they are hugely important in patient education and satisfaction…I can see the dramatic difference it makes in the patient?s understanding of the procedures.?

Hamed Aryafar, MD
Associate Clinical Professor University of California San Diego

?It?s freed me up to focus more on patient satisfaction by more effectively alleviating their fears…Doctors have dreamed of something like this for years. Our patients deserve the highest quality care; these videos propel us toward that objective.?

Dean Black, MD
Medical Director St. John?s Regional Medical Center