Patient Education Videos

Improving on the missteps of the patient education marketplace, our videos are the answer to patient engagement and physician efficiency.

Patient Education Videos

The Holvan Group engages patients with high-quality educational videos that explain complex medical care in a simple, easy-to-understand format. Our patient education is meaningful and interactive. All of our content is created and continually reviewed by our team of experts to ensure it meets the highest educational standards.


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  • The average length of an informed consent talk is 16 minutes. The average Holvan Video is 3-5 minutes.
  • Holvan Videos save 10+ minutes per patient, saving time for physicians, nurses, and techs
  • Patients understand their procedures, the risks, benefits, and alternatives better with Holvan Videos

Holvan Patient Education Video Libraries

Diagnostic Radiology
Hospital Experience
Hospital Safety
Interventional Neuroradiology
Interventional Radiology
Nuclear Medicine
Patient Safety
Procedure Preparation

Emory University Hospital Midtown Clinical Study

In March of 2017 members of the Interventional Radiology team at Emory University Hospital Midtown in Atlanta, Georgia conducted a quality improvement project to increase their patients’ knowledge about their procedures. They utilized Interventional Radiology Patient Education Videos and tablets from The Holvan Group. Our patient education videos were measured against the existing physician consent process. Patients had improved comprehension of the procedure, risks, benefits, and alternatives when watching our videos. The physicians also noted that they spent less time with each patient.

“Improvement of patient procedural understanding after implementation of the video-aided consent process.”

“Video-aided consent improves comprehension for patients who have difficulty reading the written consent form.”

“Across all categories, there was an increase in understanding after the initiation of our video consent process. Additionally, although not captured in these data, there was anecdotally a significant decrease in time spent during the face-to-face portion of the consent process after video consent.”

Download the Emory Improvement Project Here

ACR Imaging 3.0 Study

In 2017, the American College of Radiology, commissioned a white paper titled, Watch and Learn, documenting the genesis of the company, a patient experience with Holvan, and how physicians benefit from Holvan’s consent platform.

“It’s freed me up to focus more on patient satisfaction by more effectively alleviating their fears. When I see patients, they have already seen a well-designed video that tells them what the procedure will entail. We can immediately start building trust that is so crucial in the patient-doctor relationship.”
-Dean Black, MD, St. John’s Regional Medical Center

Sierra Vista Trial Survey

The Holvan Group conducted its initial trial and surveys of its patient education library at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in San Luis Obispo, CA. The 9-month trial started on June 1st, 2016, and ran through March or 2017.

  • 91% of patients said the video provided a good explanation about the procedure.
  • 97% of patients felt prepared for their procedure after watching the videos, prior to speaking with the physician.
  • 94% of patients surveyed answered that they understood what role they played in their care after watching the videos.

Download the SVRMC Trial & Survey

Holvan IR Suite ROI

The Holvan Group’s patient education videos are a simple and effective way to increase the efficiency of your radiology practice. The videos help patients better understand their procedures and will save time.

Studies have shown that a high-quality informed consent conversation with a patient can take nearly 18 minutes. While physicians and advanced practice providers are utilizing precious time consenting patients, the angiography suite goes unused, costing money. The use of Holvan patient education videos reduces the time required for informed consent while improving the quality of care.
Holvan’s consent platform can provide over 1000% ROI.

Download the Holvan IR Suite ROI Analysis