Mobile Apps

A world-class platform to help you deliver
world-class patient care.

For Patients

The Holvan Group’s proprietary technologies streamline the patient preparation process and improve the interaction between patients and healthcare providers. Patients can receive procedure preparation instructions, easily find an imaging center or hospital, and communicate quickly and easily with medical staff. The app allows patients to schedule their appointments and to quickly let the provider know if they need to reschedule. The app also allows patients to communicate with facility managers, the billing department or any other staff you desire. Improvement suggestions can be tallied and ranked allowing for patient-centered improvement projects.

Download our Patient Communication App Demo for radiology groups from the Google or?Apple app store.

For Providers

Physicians need a fast and efficient way to contact their colleagues. Finding out who is covering a particular hospital, whether the intensivist, hospitalist, radiologist or surgeon, can be difficult. The Holvan Physician Communication App makes it easy to text or call physicians, saving valuable time and decreasing stress. Users will always contact the proper provider the first time regardless of changes in the on-call schedule. With restricted access limited to authorized users determined by providers, this app includes features that allow staff to transfer call coverage to colleagues, manage the call schedule and use in-app calling and HIPAA-compliant secure messaging.

If you would like a demo of out Physician OnCall App, please send us a request.

For Hospitals

The Holvan Group’s Hospital App complements our educational videos and expands the patient?s engagement. The Hospital App creates a personalized experience for each patient, allowing easy access to videos relevant to their specific needs, as well as patient safety-related videos. Medical care is complex and many people do not understand their medical conditions and treatment plans, but with access to the hospital Patient Portal, patients? will have important information right at their fingertips. Locations and maps will guide patients to the facility, a list of Frequently Asked Questions save time for patients and staff, and the marketing potential for sharing news and information via the Patient Portal is limitless.

Our demo hospital app will be available for download soon.

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