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November 8 is the International Day of Radiology

Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen was a German engineer and physicist who discovered x-rays on November 8th, 1895. Every November 8th, the International Day of Radiology is celebrated by professionals whose careers were made possible by Rontgen.

We celebrate Rontgen’s discovery and all the advances in medical imaging over the past 123 years. Radiology is truly an incredible field of medicine and we are happy to do our part to move the field forward. To learn more about how our patient education helps radiologists and their patients, give us a call or request a demo.

The theme of this year’s International Day of Radiology is cardiac imaging. Cardiac imaging is a subspecialty of radiology. Radiologists with a cardiac imaging subspecialty use many different tests to diagnose conditions with a patient’s heart. Some of these tests are echocardiograms, x-rays, MRIs, CT and PET scans.

Take a few minutes and learn more about medical imaging and the important role it plays in your healthcare.