Founded with the goal to engage patients and improve the quality of care, The Holvan Group partners with healthcare providers to enhance the patient experience through advanced communication. Through the development of high quality educational videos that explain complex medical care in a simple format, costs are decreased while healthcare outcomes increase.

Educational Videos

Mobile Apps

HL7 Integration

HIPAA Compliant

Simple to Use

Process Improvements

“I think they [the videos] are hugely important in patient education and satisfaction. I can see the dramatic difference it makes in the patient’s understanding of the procedures.”

Our patient education is meaningful and engaging. All of our content is created and continually reviewed by our team of experts to ensure it meets the highest educational standards, while taking into consideration diverse patient populations. All patient education is accessible on any platform in order to educate patients, caregivers, and their family members. This empowers patients in the management of their own care, thereby, improving their satisfaction, overall outcomes, and facility performance.